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    YOUR perfect resume...

    There are plenty of myths about the “perfect resume”. This is because it doesn't exist! What's perfect for you is a resume that enables you to tell YOUR story, showcase YOUR talent, demonstrate YOUR value.

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    My gift to YOU

    I will partner with you to create your resume and GIFT it to you. I will trust you to gift me back what you believe is fair value for my expertise... It's about the relationship, not the process.

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    Complete the picture

    Your online world and your resume must tell the same story... complete the picture with customised social media profiles.

Creating YOUR resume, building YOUR career.

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This is not mass production. This is investing a little time and effort to ensure you have the resume that maximises your chance of securing the interview. Create...

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Your resume is a starting point. I can coach you to maximise your interview performance and reshape your LinkedIn profile to deliver consistency across your online and offline worlds. Build...

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I will create your resume and give it to you as a GIFT! I will trust you to gift me back what you think is fair value for my work. This keeps the focus on our relationship instead of the process. Gift...

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Don't just take my word for it...

This resume is simply amazing! All of this extra info is so helpful!! I'm over the moon with the service and advice. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Mark's work greatly enhanced the professionalism and clarity with how I could convey my professional profile...

...the resume was well thought out, professional, and comprehensive. I would recommend Mark to anyone looking to have a professional resume created.

Mark is a highly relatable and personable communicator who genuinely cares about helping people, be they his clients or not. I enthusiastically recommend Mark as an expert resume writer and career coach.

Mark is a true professional, provides excellent insight and achieved great results... Mark is efficient, timely, and a pleasure to work with!